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Commander Quest

This game has received a PEGI 12 because it features moderate violence. Not suitable for persons under 12 years of age.
Deck-building card game in which the player uses cards to supply their army, summon units, determine tactics, and defeat enemies.


PEGI leeftijdsadvies


  • Beschikbaar op

    • PC (29/03/2024)
  • Uitgever

    Flyway Games

Rating issues

This game contains depictions of non-realistic looking violence towards human characters. When hit, number damage is shown above enemies’ heads. When killed, enemies fall to the ground and puddles of blood can be seen on the floor. Bodies stay on the ground for a while before disappearing. When the player is defeated, their health bar reaches zero before they fall to the ground and the screen fades to black.

Other issues

Players can use alcohol to poison enemies. The alcohol will cause exhaustion in enemies but can also be used by the player to gain certain benefits such as increasing attack damage and restoring health. The game doesn’t show the player actually drinking any alcohol: the images of alcohol are only ever seen on cards which are randomly drawn from a deck.