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Withering Rooms

This game has received a PEGI 16 because it features strong violence and sustained horror sequences. Not suitable for persons under 16 years of age.
Horror RPG game set in a Victorian mansion. The player takes on the role of Nightingale, who must explore the mansion and gather weapons, distractions, magical artifacts, keys, and crafting materials, as well as defeating monstrous enemies.


PEGI leeftijdsadvies


  • Beschikbaar op

    • PlayStation 5 (10/05/2024)
  • Uitgever

    Perpetual – Europe

Rating issues

This game contains arcade-style violence to human and animal characters. In a 2D style, when the player slashes or shoots at humanoid and animal characters, sprays of blood can be seen on impact, as the enemies jerk backwards and shout in pain. Upon death, the human characters fall to the ground and their bodies will stay there for the duration of the chapter. A similar reaction can be seen when animals are injured: when shot, dogs and horses bleed before collapsing to the ground when they are killed. 
There are intense and sustained horror sequences throughout the game. Dark and scary music can be heard and there is a constant feeling of dread as creatures pursue the player’s character. There are also human corpses that are part of background scenery, with some injury detail.  

Other issues

The game contains non-sexual nudity that can be seen in artwork around the mansion.

There are also pills that can be consumed by the player. However, they bear little resemblance to real-life drugs.