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Life Beyond

This game has received a PEGI 12 because it features moderate violence. Not suitable for persons under 12 years of age.
Role-playing game in which players create their own character and begin a journey to re-build life and civilization on the hostile planet Dolos. In this sci-fi world, players fight alien lifeforms, complete quests and discover new locations.


PEGI leeftijdsadvies

12ViolenceIn-Game Purchases

  • Beschikbaar op

    • PC (29/04/2024)
  • Uitgever

    Darewise Entertainment

Rating issues

This game contains moderate violence towards human characters. The player’s human can be attacked by enemies, which results in mild blood effects, although no realistic physical reactions nor audible reactions. The player’s character can attack alien monsters. When hit, these fantasy characters also show mild blood sprays but no realistic physical reactions. When defeated, they fall to the floor in an unrealistic manner.

Other issues

This game offers players the opportunity to purchase in-game items, in the form of cosmetic skins and clothing, which some parents or carers may want to be aware of. Parents, carers or other responsible adults should check to see what is being offered before making any purchase on behalf of a child. It should be noted that the game can still be played without the need to purchase such items.