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Contraptions Collection

This game has received a PEGI 3 and features occasional very mild violence in a comical or abstract context. Suitable for all ages.
Compilation of three physics-based puzzle games in which players must build various contraptions, using the given elements, which must then work in unison do defeat small aliens.


PEGI leeftijdsadvies


  • Beschikbaar op

    • Nintendo Switch (19/04/2024)
    • PlayStation 4 (19/04/2024)
    • PlayStation 5 (19/04/2024)
  • Uitgever

    Funbox Media Ltd

Rating issues

This game features very mild forms of violence towards fantasy characters. In each puzzle, the player is tasked with defeating small, green aliens using various contraptions. These aliens simply disappear in puffs of smoke when defeated, without visible injuries.